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Talkin’ Gritty Truth About Your Big B

So I know my boisterous opinions haunt your hot takes dreams and my sage startup wisdom likely wetted your whistle more than once. But who IS this guy behind the glorious Fatboy persona? Time to strip down the spicy swagger and get real sharing my whirlwind origin journey from Scrappy Average Joe to bombastic thought leader always holding dizzy digital truth scepters! And yes – supreme owner of the sensational startup bible you’re currently soaking up – Fatboy itself!

OG Blogger Dreams

It all started simpler than a Craigslist missed connection circa 2007… I was the confused college blogger named Brock bottling up lukewarm musings about video games, half-baked business ideas, and existential angst around ambitions of greatness on a site called “Spunk Volcano.”

I barely scraped 4 views weekly posting links to friends. But I unflinchingly kept hammering away at odd topics on a $4 Walmart keyboard like a lonely podcaster of the past sending wordy missives into unknown voids praying for any slim chance of connection. It was as earnest as it was ultimately unimpressive.

But everyone has to start somewhere before bathing in book deals and podcast glory, right? I bravely built websites and meetups before doomsday buzzwords like SaaS or AI or Web3 existed. Urgency came later though…as did urgency.

Birthing Fatboy – Top Startup Rag

After a decadeplus slogging away publishing for tiny audiences, I realized my true calling – delivering scorching truths on entrepreneurship and technology to guide founders towards greatness!

So in 2022 I scraped together hosting pennies and leased a forgotten WordPress template to launch “Fatboy” – the sensational startup bible promising to showcase bleeding edge innovation while keeping leaders honest.

It took 6 grueling months before we drew 100 organic visitors and 2 years before seven figure sponsorships rolled in. But thanks to an obsession delivering mind-melding analysis on business and culture trends, Fatboy now reigns supreme as THE clubhouse for earth-rattling entrepreneurial discourse!

We eating startup ramen no more, baby!