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How Puffco Sparked a Dabbing Revolution

How Puffco Sparked a Dabbing Revolution

Puffco’s premium cannabis vaporizers quickly extracted success through quality and innovation. Our guide explores the strategic decisions elevating them to category leader status – and what’s next sustaining market ownership as legalization spreads access.


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At Fatboy, we on that MISSION chronicling bleeding edge trends while keeping industry leaders honest. I spotlight the scrappy startups driving seismic shifts while asking tough questions of the shifty establishment. All for that community baby!

We gon’ get gritty covering topics from fundraising drama to culture wars, cybersecurity to global domination aspirations. Don’t bring that weak sauce though – my takes drip pure napalm! 🔥

Bottom line – stick with me as we navigate the obstacles and opportunities in business and tech each day. I promise a fun ride while dropping knowledge bombs expanding perspectives. Now let’s get FAT! 💣💥

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