Dodging the FastPeopleSearch Dragnet – My Guide to Protecting Privacy

by | Feb 16, 2024 | Latest Trending

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Well tickle my identity and call me exposed – have ya’ll heard of this sneaky FastPeopleSearch site apparently doxxing our personal details left and right for any ole Tom, Dick, or Harry to peep? Consider my usual bravado a bit more timid today, Fatsters. I don’t take kindly to tricks jeopardizing my hard-earned reputation!

So before freaking out entirely and rage deleting the whole damn internet, let me first explain exactly what mischief this dubious data dealer is up to. Then we’ll strategize shielding yourselves from prying eyes going forward. Just call me coach! Time for some evasive privacy maneuvers…

Understanding The Fast People Search Biz

In a nutshell, FastPeopleSearch is a shady website that allows looking up folks’ full names, locations, ages, and relatives based only on a phone number or email address. Think premium grade cyberstalking resources opening Pandora’s Box!

They scrape and compile enormous public/private record troves into searchable online directories. So anyone can essentially input a digit or two of your mobile number then BOOM – out pops Brian Butterman’s full identity and residence. No idea how they bypass legal consent like that but it irks me something fierce!

Of course dirtbag lovers, shady debt collectors, scammers, and worse eat this surveillance up for harassing targets. But even ordinary citizens get tempted peering behind digital curtains. Fast People Search lets casual curiosity quickly morph into full blown encroachment.

Time to erect some barriers defending dignity…

Removing Your FastPeopleSearch Listing

Now before totally flying off the handle, know that their foundations remain wobbly. You CAN reinforce control keeping data off shady sites like FastPeopleSearch through proactive effort.

My recommended first step?

Visit their official online removal page and submit a formal takedown request of any traced personal listings tied to you.

Reports indicate this process works decently well long term deindexing your name/number/address associations. It may take numerous attempts with site policy shifts but eventually black hole omission can prevail!

Alternatively, contacting background check sites like Intelius, TruthFinder, Instant Checkmate etc directly often preempts FastPeopleSearch ever grabbing your data in the first place. Plug those source leaks!

And don’t forget periodically googling your own name, number or email to monitor what comes up. Rinse and repeat patrolling for violations. Your privacy preservation work is never done!

Going The Extra Paranoid Mile to Avoid FastPeopleSearch

Look, I admire hustlers capitalizing on public information same as the next grizzled entrepreneur. But lines blur from opportunity into ickiness when low integrity brokers manipulate legal loopholes, intrude on private lives and make folks feel unsafe.

So beyond formal removal flows, extreme measures suiting your guarded tolerance may include:

  • Freezing credit reports to limit financial access
  • Setting up a private mailbox or PO Box foiling address records
  • Lifetime blocking numbers/emails after closures
  • Avoiding all background check consent forms
  • Masking property ownership through lawyers/LLCs

No doubt about it – evading data dragnets like FastPeopleSearch in the internet era requires eternal vigilance from all of us. But fighting for consent and confidentiality keeps the spirit soaring free!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to excavate my yard locating any microchips Elon Musk secretly installed…

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