Why Workleap Acquired Pingboard and What It Means for HR Software World

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Big B Picks, HR, SaaS

workleap aquires pingboard

Workleap Just Ate Pingboard – Believe the Fatboy Hype

Well slap me around and call me Sally, Fatsters. We’ve got massive news in the world of HR tech – Workleap just announced that they are acquiring Pingboard.

I know what you’re thinking… “That’s nice, Brian. But WTF does it actually mean?” First off – rude. Second – it means A LOT, my entrepreneurial friends. This deal has juicier implications than a 72 oz porterhouse. Yeah, you better believe your Big B is gonna fatboy the analysis on why this matters more than what Drake ate for breakfast.

A Quick Intro to the Main Players

For those still living under a human resources rock, let me break down what these companies are all about before we dig into the gritty details.

Workleap provides staffing and talent solutions for high-growth companies. We’re talking things like AI recruiting software, gig work platforms, interview infrastructure – anything to help orgs scale. Since launching in 2021, they’ve been crushing it by targeting fast-moving spaces like tech startups.

Pingboard offers human capital management tools with a focus on org chart software. Their platforms help enterprises visualize team structures and track roles across the business. While not as flashy as robot recruiters, they’ve quietly built a solid customer base.

Why the Hell Should I Care?

Great question, dear Fatster. At first glance, Workleap grabbing Pingboard might not seem like an earth-shattering combo. But for those willing to read the greasy bones of this deal, it signals where the future of modern HR is headed.

The talent landscape done changed, y’all. Companies aren’t just competing for candidates anymore – they’re competing to define the future of work itself. And success requires evolving how you organize and manage your people.

This is why Workleap is making a big bet on structure. They want to layer their talent solutions on top of a dynamic org chart platform. Need to spin up a machine learning team for a new product? Pingboard becomes your digital blueprints. Have a contingent workforce scaling customer support? Visually manage them alongside employees.

Even I’ll admit enterprise software isn’t the sexiest category, Fatsters. But the data shows HR spend shifting heavily toward stacks that unify systems. Workleap is poised to be a one-stop shop.

What About the Competition?

You know your Big B keeps tabs on all the tech titans in this space. Heavy hitters like SmartRecruiters, Greenhouse, and TalentWall have all take big slices of the HR pie. But none have brought the full package to the table like Workleap is building.

Smaller employee directory  startups like Sift, OneDirectory and Names and Faces are cooking up cool ingredients too, but can they compete with these larger HR platforms.

Of course Workday, Oracle, SAP and friends won’t disappear overnight. They support critical back-end infrastructure that keeps enterprises humming. But their clunky software looks archaic compared to nimble, cloud-based beasts like Workleap. Expect strong inertia though – implementing new HR systems is brutal work.

The biggest threat still comes from the mothership: LinkedIn. Their tentacles run deep across recruiting channels. But reports of cultural turmoil and brain drain at the Microsoft subsidiary make me doubt their leadership. Not great signs.

What’s Next for Workleap?

If I cracked open Workleap’s product roadmap after a few IPAs, I bet it would showcase plans to keep expanding their capabilities. M&A presents the fastest lane and Pingboard likely won’t be their last deal.

Other areas ripe for integration include:

  • Compensation management
  • Learning systems
  • Employee engagement/performance

Workleap clearly wants to lead a revolution in how high-velocity companies architect for scale while also balancing meaningful culture. Not an easy tap dance.

I also expect them to leverage Pingboard’s enterprise reach to cross-sell their offerings. Bringing modern talent solutions to old school businesses equals big TAM expansion.

The team still needs to prove they can digest acquisitions smoothly. But Workleap’s tech allows them to decentralize systems rather than force-fit a single stack. This positions them to play nice with new toys.

Alright, Alright – Why Should I Give A Flappy Dang?

Maybe you’re still wondering why any of this M&A mumbo jumbo matters, eh Fatster? That’s fair – you’ve got startups to build.

Here’s why Workleap is poised to transform how we all hire:

  • Their tools enable faster hiring velocity for hungry founders
  • Competitive comp and strong culture will trickle down as they scale
  • Modern orgs get built on their digital blueprints
  • Contingent work could expand benefits/protections

See, I told you this seemingly boring acquisition had spicy implications! Workleap is adding more meat to the bone.

So keep an eye on these crazy kids, Fatsters. Because whenever a plucky upstart gobbles up legacy tech to assemble an HR megazord, your main man Big B takes notice. I’ll be tracking their progress closely here at Fatboy.

Until next time… stay hungry!

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